Brand Story

What's in a Name?

Let's start with the name: D'Love Affair. 'Affair' refers to a soirée, a party, an event to remember. A "Love Affair" is defined as an intense enthusiasm or passion for something (weddings of course!). And the D' represents Chloe's deep love for French inspired design and aesthetic. And voila! D'Love Affair was born.

Why Blue?

While in the discovery stage of the design process, the idea of incorporating French aesthetic came up quite early. During discussions and research, a certain colour kept popping up. A very distinct shade of blue that is synonymous with Parisian and French aesthetic. For lack of a better word, we started calling this colour 'French Blue'. A light, slightly muted blue reminiscent of Parisian doorways, silk ribbons and delicate French wallpaper accents. A quick Pinterest search of 'French Blue' and a flurry of images fills up the screen, instantly whisking you away to France, with its romance, exquisite beauty and refined elegance. We decided to punch up the colour a bit by increasing its saturation and moving it away from the grey, effectively transforming this blue into a very fun, light, and approachable palette. And the best part? It fits in perfectly with the theme of weddings - something borrowed, something blue. Seriously, how perfect is that?  

Custom Illustrated Graphic Elements

For our rebranding project, the main challenge was to represent wedding and event planning in one comprehensive visual. But how do you do that when there isn't one, finite thing that encompasses all that wedding planning entails? The solution: create a set of unique wedding and event related graphic elements to use in tandem with our brand identity. These elements are used throughout this website, as well as on the other custom branded items for our clients. 


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